About Us

CAMI was first developed in South Africa in 1984 by two passionate education professionals, Sarie and Charl Vorster.

Soon after the introduction of the personal computer in 1979, computer-aided Maths programs began to appear.  The Vorsters quickly realised that the programs available were too slow and ineffective for a productive, results-focused learning environment.  Charl Vorster then introduced a new style of programming called CAI, or ‘Computer Aided Instruction’, where the computer was used as a practicing device.  This was the catalyst for the birth of CAMI and introduced the unique ‘Practise for Skills’ approach to learning.

CAMI, or ‘Computer Aided Mathematics Instruction’, was originally used by the husband and wife team as an after-school education centre to specialise in computer-aided maths tuition.  At the time, this technology was seen as leading-edge with the ability to transform the academic ability of school students.

In 1993, CAMI partnered with a selection of schools in the Johannesburg area.  The program was so successful that today, CAMI is used in more than a thousand schools throughout South Africa.

International educational institutions began to take note, and from humble beginnings CAMI has become an international success story at the forefront of educational software, with internationally recognised and endorsed programs.

CAMI is now a truly global company, and the educational software is used throughout the world, including the Middle East, India and Australia, helping millions of learners with outstanding levels of success in every country of operation.

From its origins in Mathematics, CAMI has pioneered the development of Computer Aided Instruction Technology for Maths, successfully expanded into English and Perceptual Learning tools for students throughout their school years.

CAMI has continually grown and evolved to embrace the rapid changes in technology and has become the world’s fastest drill-and-practice based program.

The Maths, English and Perceptual Learning programs have been constantly refined by CAMI-endorsed educators and developers, as well as through valuable client feedback, to ensure it remains the world’s leading educational software product.

The CAMI education program enhances results and efficiency, creating confident students and an accelerated learning experience, as well as providing customised tools for teachers to enhance the learning experience in schools and provide better results for students.

Today, CAMI has a wealth of success stories among schools and students internationally, which is why CAMI continues to lead the world in educational software.