Talks in Progress with 62 St Xavier schools in Saurashtra Region

Talks in Progress with 62 St Xavier's schools in Saurashtra Region

The head of the St. Xavior’s Ghandinagar school system, Father Hector Minto, allowed his school to undergo a trial of the CAMI learning software. Throughout this trial, Father Hector was very impressed with the amazing results that his students experienced. He requested a presentation to the heads of all of the 62 St. Xavier’s schools that are located throughout the Saurashtra region. Each of these 62 St. Xavier schools located in the region experienced incredible results and they were very impressed with the software.

The head of the Rajcot Diocese, Father Martin, also attended the presentation held at the St. Xavier schools. He really liked what he saw from the students and what he saw at the presentation, and even said that CAMI will open up “a whole new way of learning”.

The presentation at the St. Xavier schools was an incredible success, so much so that the Bishop even decided to attend. The best thing of all is that the students will benefit the most from this presentation, because now talks are beginning to get underway in order to offer the CAMI program to the entire St. Xavier school system in the region. What an incredible gift of learning for the students.