Privacy Policy
Part One
Information, held by Maths and Learning Excellence under this Privacy Policy, may be released to entities other than the subject of the information, specifically to:

  1. Third parties engaged to collect debts, or research, or sales and marketing
  2. Third parties authorised by users and members to receive information
  3. Other third parties, as required by law, including, where under warrant, law enforcement agencies

Part Two
Information for actual or anticipated collection
Maths and Learning Excellence collects or may collect the following kinds of information about members:

  1. Contact information, including an email address nominated as a primary contact email address. It may also include a full name, address and telephone numbers. This information is collected as part of the member registration process and is provided by users.
  2. Any correspondence involving use of the website (including, but not limited to, emails).
  3. Other personal information provided through competitions, surveys, or other like activities.
  4. Emailed comments and/or opinions of other members or site visitors that are fairly categorised as feedback or comment.
  5. Non-personally identifiable information, such as your IP address, browser type, pages visited etc. None of this information identifies a user personally

Part Three
In what manner collected information is to be used
Information is most regularly used to:

  1. Provide products or services requested by users
  2. Help management of the website
  3. Communicate with members and users
  4. Provide updated information about opportunities in which there is reason to believe that a user be interested
  5. Provide newsletters and updates
  6. Review personal information provided, which is used to review and improve offered services
  7. Record the substance of any complaint, which may be recorded and details stored in case of future complaints.
  8. Collate data for business development purposes

Part 4
Storage of information held by Maths and Learning Excellence

  1. All information is stored on secure systems. Safeguards including physical, technical (firewalls, SSL encryptions etc) and procedural methods are used to protect this data.
  2. Other personal information provided, voluntarily, in response to contests, surveys, and competitions is deleted on a regular basis after the completion of the event.
  3. Testimonials, complaints and other feedback are stored indefinitely

Part Five
Enquiring about information held
In general, all requests about information held should be directed to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A reply shall be sent with all reasonable speed.
Telephone contact is available at 1300 799 842 (intl. +61 2 9410 2928)

Postal address is:

Maths and Learning Excellence
P.O. Box 1696 North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia

Part Six
Access to information
Persons employed by Maths and Learning Excellence (including sub-contractors) shall access information held by Maths and Learning Excellence under the following restrictions:

  1. They will not use personal contact information or other personal information held by Maths and Learning Excellence for any purpose other than the performance of their jobs.
  2. If they wish to contact a Maths and Learning Excellence customer, contact shall be made via email at no cost or inconvenience to the Maths and Learning Excellence customer.
  3. When contact is made by Maths and Learning Excellence with a customer, such contact will identify itself as representing Maths and Learning Excellence