Product Overview

CAMI is the leading developer of high performance Mathematics, English and Perceptual Skills learning computer-aided education programs that have been used successfully by millions of students, schools, homes and private practitioners.

CAMI develops internationally recognised and endorsed educational software, which has outstanding levels of success in every country of operation.

The CAMI system has been proven to improve both whole of school and individual student performance, while empowering teachers with customised tools to accelerate the learning process.

The CAMI software system has a 27 year heritage and has retained its core purpose – to help enhance learning skills and academic ability using the unique “Practice and Skills” learning theory.

The high productivity proprietary software system boosts performance and academic results in the shortest time possible. In fact it is the world's fastest drill-and-practice based program.

We believe CAMI offers students unique benefits to enhance the learning experience:

  • It is the only program to measure both speed and accuracy
  • The ability to individually customise a program for every student
  • Proprietary development performance indicators based on accuracy and efficiency
  • Instantaneous results and feedback
  • Ability to benchmark results across individual students, schools, states and countries
  • Builds student confidence and independent learning habits
  • Curriculum matched for every country